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mercredi 20 juin 2018

20 Brilliant Inventions in History that Look Funny Today

The hat-radio. The portable sauna. The Mew Machine. These are just some of the amazing inventions in the past that had once inspired awe to the masses, and even made their lives easier and fun.

But as the speed of technological innovation and ingenuity increased to a mindboggling blur, many of these inventions lost their glamour and appeal, and eventually became irrelevant and even look ridiculous today.

Here are the amazing 20 inventions in history that will surely make you smile.

20 Brilliant Inventions in History that Look Funny Today

20. One wheel motorcycle

19. Face protector against rain, snow, etc.

18. Phone-Answering Robot

17. Curved Barrel Machine Gun for shooting around corners

16. Amphibious bicycle

15. A Mew Machine to scare off the mice

14. Anti-tire puncture brooms for car owners

13. Hubbard Electrometer to measure the level of pain felt by fruit and vegetables

12. Baby suspender

11. Rainy Day Cigarette Holder. I love to have one.

10. TV glasses

9. Hat-radio

8. Laryngophone placed against your throat to pick up voice vibrations without responding to background noise.

7. Boat-bike

6. Can’t decide whether to walk or take your bike? Use this personal transportation instead.

5. The Double Ender pipe to conserve tobacco.

4. Cigarette Pack Holder. This adds extra cool, right? It can also hasten death.

3. Roller skates for walking

2. Suspended Baby Cage

1. Revolver camera that takes a photo when you fire the gun. This isn’t actually included in the ridiculous list. This one still retains its awesomeness. It would be great to have all the guns today installed with a camera. Now wait…

mardi 19 juin 2018

Amazing Firefighter Catches Child Thrown From Burning Building When Time Runs Out

An apartment building caught fire in Decatur, Georgia, trapping families with young children on the upper floors.

When firefighters arrived at the burning structure, they devised a plan to climb up their ladders and evacuate the occupants through their balconies, bringing them safely back down. But before they could make their way up to help, terrified parents started dropping their children to the firefighters below, afraid the flames would reach them before they could escape.

One father clinging to the ladder at the third-floor balcony tossed his five-year-old in a heart-stopping moment captured on a helmet camera.

Fortunately, the amazing Captain Scott Stroup was there to catch the child.

He hadn't been the only one -- Captain Jackie Peckrul says she was midway up the ladder when she caught a four-week-old baby in her arms. The infant had been dropped from a balcony as well.

Watch the incredible moment Stroup catches the five-year-old upside down. CNN reports Peckrul made the catch, but it was actually Stroup.

These brave firefighters may say they aren't heroes, but it's clear to the rest of us that they definitely are. Thanks to them, everyone survived. Twelve people were injured in the fire, including eight children.

lundi 18 juin 2018

18 People Who Deftly Avoided Disaster By Pure Chance

In the blink of an eye, life can go from peachy to totally disastrous.
Whether it's a car accident that miraculously didn't take lives, or something less dangerous like dropping a family heirloom down the drain, close calls with disaster can leave us holding our breath. And because these 18people you're about to see have narrowly escaped their predicaments, it's clear that they have guardian angels looking out for them.

18People Who Deftly Avoided Disaster By Pure Chance

18. Whose bright idea was it to put a light pole there, anyway?

17. They say you should always check the ATM before inserting your card, and for good reason.

16. It only took a few miles before she realized this precious cargo was still sitting on her bumper.

15. A WWI soldier's coins in his breast pocket saved him from suffering a serious injury.

14. See that engagement ring sitting there? Talk about a lucky break.

13. The driver who took the photo was about two seconds away from being trapped under that.

12. Cell phones aren't just good for making phone calls. Thye can save you from losing a leg to a chainsaw.

11. That was close!

10. It barely broke the skin.

9. God must be looking down on this guy. He avoided contact with both his femur and kneecap.

8. I've never had a fortune cookie let me down.

7. Sorry, but cat isn't on the menu.

6. I feel like there should be a guardrail here.

5. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.

4. No matter how stupid you look, always wear your safety goggles.

3. That definitely would have hurt!

2. It's a swing and a miss.

1. After this shark took a bite, thankfully he decided that this lucky lady didn't taste too good.

samedi 16 juin 2018

10 Things You Should Probably Delete From Your Facebook Page Immediately

As most of us are now well-aware, Facebook and other social networking sites pose a serious risk to our privacy on the web.

If the Cambridge Analytica scandal -- in which 87 million Facebook users from around the world had their personal data harvested -- has taught us anything, it's that we can't (and shouldn't) trust social media sites to keep our private information, well, private. Thanks, Zuckerberg.

That's why if you're still planning on keeping your Facebook account despite the fallout, you should really consider removing the following pieces of information from your profile.

10 Things You Should Probably Delete From Your Facebook Page Immediately

1. Your Birthday

Having access to your birthday just makes it easier for con artists to gain access to your personal details and even your bank account information.

2. Your Phone Number

Do you want all of your Facebook friends (or people looking at your profile) to have your phone number? If not, then take it off!

3. Photographs Of Young Children

"What type of information would children want to see about themselves online at a later date?" asked Victoria Nash, the acting director of the Oxford Internet Institute. And she has a point. Kids may not want their photos splashed across various social media pages.

4. Where Your Child Goes To School

According to a report by the NSPCC, the number of sexual offenses on record has alarmingly increased over the last year or so.
"Police recorded 36,429 sexual offenses against children in the UK in 2013/2014," the report reads. "In England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland police recorded the highest number of sexual offenses against children in the past decade."Simply put, don't make it easier for sex offenders or potential kidnappers to find your children.

5. Location Services

In 2015, TechCrunch reported that more than 500 million people used Facebook solely from their cell phones. The same number could potentially broadcast their location to the web, meaning anyone -- including those who pose a threat -- could find out where you are.

6. Your Manager Or CEO

Depending on your privacy settings, your boss can see everything you've written on your timeline -- including those times you've badmouthed your job.

7. Don't Tag Your Location

People knowing exactly where you are isn't always the best idea. And if you tag your location at home, you're basically giving away your address.

8. When And Where You Go On Vacation

This is an invitation to burglars. According to This Is Money, travelers who have their possessions stolen while on vacation risk not having their insurance claim accepted if they had posted their vacation plans on their social media pages.

9. Your Credit Card Details

This one's pretty self-explanatory, but you never want to share financial details on social media.

10. Pictures Of Your Boarding Pass

The barcode on your boarding pass could potentially be used to find personal information you have given to the airline.

The best advice to follow is to keep private information to yourself. If you wouldn't shout it out to a random crowd on the street, don't do it online.

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