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5 weird chinese customs

A different world to the Western bubble many of us have grown up in, China offers rich history, dazzling landscapes and a myriad of unusual customs that can't help but leave you wondering what on earth is going on. Here are a five of the best:

5 weird chinese customs

5. You may be asked for your photo
If you've never experienced what it feels like to be an A-List celebrity, you might just get your chance in China. It is not uncommon for Chinese groups and families to ask to pose for photos with Western tourists. Enjoy the attention while it lasts.

4. Never stick chopsticks into your food 
Whilst grappling with chopsticks can be a bit tricky for the uninitiated, try not to make the mistake of jabbing them into that succulent dumpling or bowl of rice. This is reminiscent of the placement of incense at a funeral - essentially an omen of death.

3. Tooth-picks are a table staple
It is customary to remove those troublesome bits of food stuck in your teeth at the table after a meal. Just make sure you cover your toothpick activity with your other hand to keep up appearances.

2. Long fingernails are the norm
Some men in China choose to grow their fingernails long or even just grow one fingernail particularly long as a symbol of wealth. After all, it's hard to toil all day doing manual labour when you might break a nail...

1. Face-kinis are a trend
Although here in the West we covet a tan with its connotations of exotic holidays and a healthy, sun-kissed outdoorsy lifestyle, a pale complexion is much preferred in the East. So, face-kinis, a mask which can be worn on the beach, have become popular in some coastal regions.


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