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10 Strangest Places In The World

Where words fail, pictures do the trick. And in this blog you need the pictures to understand the baffling beauty and sublime grace of some of the strangest places on earth. These are the weirdest natural places on earth, and we bet you will be rushing to change your bucket list. Take a look!

10 Strangest Places In The World

10. Lake Hillier (Australia)

Even if you scooped a pail of water from this lake, the bright pink color would remain. That’s because it isn’t a trick of the light: algae give this lake its glossy pink sheen. It’s even safe to swim in, but good luck getting there—it’s practically inaccessible without a helicopter!

9. Snake Island (Brazil)

This island is as weird and horrific as it sounds—and it’s Indiana Jones’ worst nightmare. There are between one and five snakes per square meter on this island, and these aren’t friendly garter snakes, either. We’re talking pit vipers here, so please watch your step.

8. Sentinels of the Arctic (Finland)

Here’s a scene that looks ripped right out of a sci-fi movie. Those aren’t the tentacles of a frozen octopus, though: just trees that have been twisted and gnarled by the snow in this -40-degree climate.

7. Floating islands (India)

The only floating National Park on the planet, Loktak Lake has rings of soil and decaying vegetation scattered throughout. Over 4,000 people live on these floating bodies and utilize their lakefront properties to fish.

6. Sea of Stars (Vaadhoo Island, Maldives)

The appearance of stars in the gently lapping ocean waves gave this spot its name. Thanks to dinoflagellates—little phytoplankton that give off electrical signals in the moonlight—this beach is one of a kind.

5. Bubble House (Tourettes-sur-Loup, France)

Designed to allow for maximum enjoyment of the Mediterranean, these houses face the sea. Still, no one seemed to tell the architect that his designs were just plain weird.

4. The Largest Cave in the World (Hang Son Doong, Vietnam)

Both weird and fantastically awesome, this cave has its own climate, jungle, and river. It had been untouched by man until the 1990s when a local farmer passed by the mouth on a walk.

3. The Stone Forest of Shilin (China)

Are those a bunch of petrified trees that decided to gather in a central location? Nope! While this looks like a forest made of stone, geologists say it’s actually a collection of sandstone and limestone deposits in a former lake bed.

2. Mir Mine (Siberia)

It may not be a door to hell, but this hand-dug diamond mine offers a weird and spooky experience all its own. At 1,722 feet deep, it’s one of the largest excavated holes in the world!

1. Jacob’s Well (Texas)

This natural spring is over 100 feet deep. Many locals jump into the well for recreation, even though there are sharp rocks jutting out from all sides. Scuba divers explore the depths of this well, but with caution. Over the years, novice divers have perished in the well.


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