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13 People Who Need to Upgrade Their Selfie Business

The first ever selfie was taken way back in 1524, using oil on wood, where a 21-year-old artist depicted his own reflection. Half a millennium later, here we are — taking photos of ourselves effortlessly. Perhaps it’s this lack of complexity that makes some people make such awful (yet side-splitting) selfie mistakes.

Here is a collection of 13 selfies that were proven to be a complete and total train wreck.

13 People Who Need to Upgrade Their Selfie Business

13.Haters will say it’s Photoshop.

12. Angle photography fail

11. “Some friends took a picture and later realized that the people in the background were stuffing a baby into a cannon.”

10. “Oh! You want a selfie too?”

9. Did she notice before posting it on Instagram...?

8. Even this dog is sick of her...

7. “I may see a better selfie of a man, a baby, and a dog this month but I doubt it.”

6. Little brother fails

5. When you canceled your gym membership but don’t want to publicly admit it:

4. “Please, honey, not now.”

3. “I’ve seen a lot in my life, but never a smoking Corolla using selfie stick.”

2. Selfie in a public bathroom. It’s a new wouldn’t understand.

1. Found an old picture of my great-grandfather taking a selfie. Haters will say it’s a fake.


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