mercredi 20 juin 2018


20 Brilliant Inventions in History that Look Funny Today

The hat-radio. The portable sauna. The Mew Machine. These are just some of the amazing inventions in the past that had once inspired awe to the masses, and even made their lives easier and fun.

But as the speed of technological innovation and ingenuity increased to a mindboggling blur, many of these inventions lost their glamour and appeal, and eventually became irrelevant and even look ridiculous today.

Here are the amazing 20 inventions in history that will surely make you smile.

20 Brilliant Inventions in History that Look Funny Today

20. One wheel motorcycle

19. Face protector against rain, snow, etc.

18. Phone-Answering Robot

17. Curved Barrel Machine Gun for shooting around corners

16. Amphibious bicycle

15. A Mew Machine to scare off the mice

14. Anti-tire puncture brooms for car owners

13. Hubbard Electrometer to measure the level of pain felt by fruit and vegetables

12. Baby suspender

11. Rainy Day Cigarette Holder. I love to have one.

10. TV glasses

9. Hat-radio

8. Laryngophone placed against your throat to pick up voice vibrations without responding to background noise.

7. Boat-bike

6. Can’t decide whether to walk or take your bike? Use this personal transportation instead.

5. The Double Ender pipe to conserve tobacco.

4. Cigarette Pack Holder. This adds extra cool, right? It can also hasten death.

3. Roller skates for walking

2. Suspended Baby Cage

1. Revolver camera that takes a photo when you fire the gun. This isn’t actually included in the ridiculous list. This one still retains its awesomeness. It would be great to have all the guns today installed with a camera. Now wait…


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