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13 Women Who Broke World’s Record With Their Bizarre Appearance

Some women are just born with “it.” What is “it” you might ask? Well, it’s that something that sets her apart from all other women… and she usually doesn’t know that she has “it”. Here are 13 women so extraordinary, you won’t believe they exist…

13 Women Who Broke World’s Record With Their Bizarre Appearance

13. Ericka Ervin

Otherwise known as Amazon Eve, this transgendered model is also a fitness trainer, and is known to be the world’s tallest model. She is 6’8, and struggled with her heights and body issues in general throughout her life. In the end, though, she decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and incorporated into her career as a trainer and model.

12. Zlata

Zlata is a Russian-born gymnast who is known to have extreme fleixblility. She can create a variety of shapes with her body, and can even squeeze herself into a 50 cm box! In 2011, Zlata, who now lives in Germany, set the world record for “most beer bottles opened in a minute using only your feet.”

11. Longest Fingernails

The world record for the longest fingernails in the world belongs to Christine Walton. Walton currently lives in Las Vegas, and her nails had grown by the year 2013 to a combined length 7.314 m (23 ft 11 in).

10. Pixee Fox

This woman is known to have the tiniest waist, to the point that it’s pretty dangerous. This Swedish gal has had ribs removed, and all of her internal organs are vulnerable now to maintain her 14 inch waist. Also, she invested some $80,000 in plastic surgery, and not just for her waist, but also lips, face, etc.

9. Asha Zulu Mandela

These are no ordinary dreadlocks. Asha Zulu Mandela has the world’s longest dreadlocks, measuring at 19 feet 6 inches. She is originally from Trinidad Tabago, and moved to NYC 25 years ago, and is known as “The Black Rapunzel.” When her hair is wet, it weighs 25 pounds, causing a lot of back problems for Asha.

8. Chanel Tapper

Chanel Tapper has the world’s longest tongue, coming in at 3.8 inches! The Houston native was first spotted when she posted a YouTube video with her massive tongue, and the rest is history. She claims that she’s always been a bit goofy, so ownthing this title is pretty natural for her and her antics.

7. Kim Goodman

Kim Goodman can be seen on many TV shows for one reason only: she has major eyeball protrusion. She can protrude her eyeballs 0.47 inches. She first discovered this strange talent one day after being hit in the head with a hockey mask. Since then, she could protrude her eyeballs on command!

6. Supatra Sashuphan

This 11-year-old girl from Thailand is the world’s hairiest girl. Since childhood, this poor girl has been taunted and bullied. Not even laser treatment could address the hair, as Supatra has a condition called Ambras Syndrome, which is caused by a faulty chromosome. In turn, she has hair all over her face, arms, legs, ears. and back.

5. Lyudmila Titchenkova

Lydmila Titchenkova is 16 years old, and hails from a city called Nikolaev, in Ukraine. She has the world’s longest neck, due to her condition, which is called Marfan’s Syndrome. The disease affects her connective tissue, and resulted in her elongated neck, which comes from issues in her spine. She can now live a normal life, as she’s had elaborate surgeries to address the condition.

4. Jyoti Amge

Jyoti Amge is the smallest woman in the world. This Indian actress has a form of dwarfism, that is referred to as achondroplasia. She tells people constantly, that she absolutely despises being picked up like a baby, which people are often tempted to do. She stands at only 23 inches, almost two feet.

3. Aevin Dugas

Aevin has one heck of an Afro. That’s because she takes the cake on having the world’s largest afro. This fro is 7.3 inches high, 7.7 inches wide, and 4 feet, 4 inches in circumference. She is originally from New Orleans, and is constantly inspiring women to skip chemical straighteners, and let it all out (literally).

2. Aneta Florcyzk

The strongest woman in the world is Miss Aneta Florczyk, from Poland. She started weight training at 16 years old, and continued. Now, she can lift 550 pounds for a single rep, winning her quite a few awards. In addition, she competed in the strongwoman competition, winning in ’05, 06′, and ’08.

1. Mikel Ruffinelli

The world record for widest hips goes to Mikel Ruffinelli, who weighs more than 420 pounds, with hips that measure more than 8 feet in circumference. It was only after the birth of her 3 children did her hips continue to widen. It’s also possible that her hip size can be attributed to fat tissue accumulation, referred to as Lipedema.


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